Things to Know Before You Move to Oregon

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in the United States, with an estimated population of about four million residents. It is located in the Pacific Northwest and is popular for its diverse landscape of forests, farms, mountains and beaches. Oregon has a beautiful coastline and some of the greatest cities to visit including the Salem, Portland, Bend, and Lincoln City. Therefore, if you are planning to relocate, then you should consider the Oregon State.


It’s also blessed with a variety of tourist attractions, climates, cultural diversity, beautiful cities and friendly people. The city of Portland is famous for its iconic coffee shops, boutiques, great restaurants and microbreweries. Some of the tourist attraction sites include the Portland Art Museum, the Lan Su Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden.


Facts you might need before Moving to Oregon:

  1. Housing prices are high. Home prices in Oregon, for instance in Portland, have seen a double-digit increase due to the many people relocating to the state. You might have to rent for a while to save up for buying a home.


  1. The Oregon economy is dominated by the Intel, Nike, health and education employers. Therefore, you might be lucky to work for a large corporation.


  1. Oregon theatres are world-class. The Shakespeare Festival in Oregon is so much more than just Shakespeare, there are plays from different eras, OSF shows among other performances.


  1. Food growing in Oregon is perfect. Oregon has an extensive farmland, therefore you will enjoy high yields of crops like berries, hazelnuts, potatoes, apples and cherries.


  1. There are lots of bikes users here. The Oregon state has high levels of bike commuting and scenic bikeways across the state. However, if you live in an isolated homestead, you might not use your bike much.


  1. Portland isn’t the only place attracting new residents in Oregon. Others love Eugene too among other Oregon’s small coastal towns for their great quality of life and plenty of activities to explore.


  1. Most public schools here are mixed. Whether you are moving in with school kids or you are planning on starting a family after relocating, it’s wise to do some research on the schools before relocating.


  1. There are no taxes on sales in Oregon. Fortunately, despite income taxes here being high, you won’t have the extra burden of sales taxes.


  1. Oregon is a wine country. Oregon’s wine production has grown significantly in recent years, and therefore, if you’re a wine lover you’ll enjoy taking Oregon’s vineyards.


  1. State Parks and National Parks in Oregon are worth seeing.


  1. Oregon is one of the states in the country with a ban on gas self-services. You can only fuel a motorcycle on your own but not a vehicle.


  1. Changing your registration and license should be immediate. There are strict laws regarding changing your vehicle and driver’s license here, also no handheld devices when driving within the state.


Therefore, whether you’re looking for a place to relax, unwind, or simply have fun, then the Oregon Coast is the place to be. Furthermore, it has recently become a travelling favorite destination with a huge number foreigners visiting for vacation and recreation purposes.